Departamento de Fisica Teorica C-XI

Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
28049 Madrid (Spain)


PhD Thesis :

  • A study of the dynamics of isolated-photon plus jet production in pp collisions at 7 TeV c.m. energy with the ATLAS detector.
    Josu Cantero
    February 14th, 2013.   Supervisors: Claudia Glasman and Juan Terron
  • Energy Reconstruction in the ATLAS Electromagnetic End-Cap Calorimeter with Calibration Hits
    Eduardo Nebot
    2010.   Supervisor: J. del Peso
  • Calibration of the Electromagnetic ATLAS Calorimeter and search for the W' exotic boson
    Carolina Gabaldon
    2010.   Supervisor: J. del Peso
  • Uniformity of the Electromagnetic End-Cap Calorimeter of Atlas.
    Concepcion Oliver
    2006.  Supervisor: J. del Peso
  • The ATLAS Liquid Argon Electromagnetic EndCap Calorimeter: Construction and tests
    Stephane Rodier
    2003.   Supervisors: F. Barreiro, J. del Peso
  • On the design and construction of the EndCap LAr Electromagnetic Calorimeter for the ATLAS experiment (in Spanish)
    Pablo Romero
    October 2000.   Supervisor: Luis Labarga
  • Two different cases of calorimetry in High Energy Physics : the Atlas liquid argon electromagnetic end cap and the ZEUS Forward Plug Calorimeter
    Gastón Garcia Lopez
    April 2000.   Supervisor: Luis Labarga

    Diploma Thesis (Trabajo de Estudios Avanzados) :

  •  Analysis of the Test Beam Data for Module 0 of the EMEC (in Spanish)

  • Stephane Rodier

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