The Experimental High Energy Physics Group at UAM (hepuam) is member of the  ATLAS  Collaboration since 1996, one of the detectors of the LHC Collider at CERN  . The hepuam group has worked in the construction of the Electromagnetic Calorimeter for the EndCap regions. 

   ElectroMagnetic Endcap Calorimeter ( EMEC  ) at CERN.

   ElectroMagnetic Endcap Calorimeter ( EMEC  ) at UAM.

        - Absorber Production.   Summary

        - Assembly of Modules.   Photos , docu

        - Summing Boards.

        - Tests of Modules.

        - To open HP-GL drawings: Viewer

        - PhD thesis produced within the group.

        - PhD DEA produced within the group.

Internal information for the group.


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